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‘Field of Linseed’ – Step-by-Step DAY 2

‘Field of Linseed’ – Step-by-Step DAY 2

DAY TWO – 19th Jan 2012

Having let the whole painting dry overnight I applied a little more spatter to the linseed in the foreground as I felt it needed to be more dense – I can always take out but it is a little more difficult to put back!

This morning I mixed up a range of greens from quite a dark grey green to a lighter more ochre green. Working flat I covered the top part of the painting with sheets of paper as I intended to work quickly and use a spattering technique to achieve some of the variation of colour and tone in the foreground. I washed in the field using my greens, getting darker and more intense towards the bottom of the painting and leaving some of the purple to show through at the far side of the field where the linseed becomes more concentrated in perspective.

Fig 7

Fig 8

I decided at this stage to put in the dark green areas of the tree-line and hedgerows

fig 9

At this stage I decided to leave the painting to dry thoroughly before attempting to remove the masking fluid

Fig 10


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