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Simon is going to London!

Simon is going to London!

I have somehow got through the first round of the Threadneedle Prize – well they want to see my painting ‘first hand’ anyway!

So,I will be heading for London’s Mall Galleries next week with a rather large painting of Simon under my arm and will probably need to go and fetch it back again the following week when it is rejected.

I am really sorry that my friends Sarah and Lucy were not successful too, as it would have been a good shared experience. Sarah tells me that there were 4000 entries so must just be down to luck that I have passed the first hurdle.

Not many people have seen the painting of ‘Simon Bound’ so here it is.

I feel it needs some additional explanation as it is a little on the unusual side for a portrait – and for me!

Simon is a tree surgeon by profession and quite a big guy. He has a love for Muslim dress and does it very well having various outfits which he wares regularly. He agreed to come and pose for us at our portrait session on the proviso that he was tied to the chair since he was doubtful if he could otherwise manage to keep still.

There were no political, racial or religious comments intended in this image but I am certain that people will read things into it anyway!

I look forward to next week with some trepidation and mixed feelings…..

It didn’t get in!!! – Click here to see ‘Simon is going to Devon…