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This week I entered the mini-digital age!

This week I entered the mini-digital age!

After visiting the David Hockney exhibition at the RA last week I decided to experiment with digital images on the iPhone.

I downloaded an ‘app’ for the iPhone called ‘ArtStudio Lite’ and have been experimenting to see whether I can make use of this facility in the same way Hockney has with his iPad. Although very much smaller the principle is the same and similar results can be expected. The only down side is that the images are not terribly high resolution – however…

….here are my initial efforts at iPhone Art!

‘The Canvas’

I created the following pictures in just a few hours:-

1. ‘A Walk by the Lake’

2. ‘The Borage Fields’

3. ‘The old willow’

I will have to download the full version of ‘Art Studio’ and see if I can use it outdoors as a sketch pad! If it works for me then I might consider buying an iPad which obviously has a lot more potential. If you haven’t already been to the Hockney exhibition then do go as it is well worth a visit as it certainly is ‘The Bigger Picture’.