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Head of Sonja in Clay – Day 2

Head of Sonja in Clay – Day 2

I spent most of today refining the features and trying to get the fullness into the soft flesh areas!When I removed the black plastic from the sculpture after a week I realised I still had a problem with the head sinking down on the support peg. The top of the peg was coming dangerously near to poking out the top of the head – so… I decided to slide it up on the post by about half an inch and pack clay in at the base of the post. This seems to have worked well and by lunchtime I had reached the stage shown below.


In the afternoon I did more work on the neck as I realised it was becoming too thick and the face had become too wide. I also started adding the ears but haven’t yet decided on the hairstyle – there are some different wig options available – I will decide next week.

Unfortunately I forgot to take another photo before packing the head away for another week  but I will take one before I start next time.

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