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Jugs Parade

This pencil still life drawing was inspired by the collection of jugs that I have acquired over the years. Most of them belonged to my mother except for one which I got from my grandmother.

My friend Jeff was inspired to write a poem about them:-


By Jeff Galatin

February 2018

Looking left or right these jugs stand out
Each handle poised opposite a spout
One breaks the pattern with a turned back
A rebel in this upright pack

Ceramic, pewter, brass and  copper
None of them fitted with a stopper
Happily suited for uses galore
All designed to effectively pour

Short and stubby, tall and proud
Some stand out from the crowd
While others just know their place
Trying not to show their face

The patina of age is clearly shown
Their unique history written in stone
By pencil marks across the page
As this sextet takes the stage

Superbly crafted by my talented old pal
An atmospheric sketch in graphite signed by Al
This still life’s worth more than just a bid
It’s yours for only 350 quid


Jugs Parade




700 x 390 mm