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‘Field of Linseed’ – Step-by-Step DAY 3

‘Field of Linseed’ – Step-by-Step DAY 3

I left the painting to dry overnight and then today, very carefully with my finger, I removed all the masking fluid.

Once the masking fluid was removed there were some places where I needed to soften the colours and and take them back in tone.  Other areas needed to have more detail and colour added. The field was too green and I decided to apply more purple in places and some additional flowers to the foreground (Fig 12). I put more light into the trees and drew in the detail around the edges of the field.(Fig 13).

Fig 12

Fig 13

After a little more fiddling and touching up in the far distance (Fig 14) and a few other places I decided to call the painting finished and signed it! (Fig 15)

Fig 14

Fig 15

Tomorrow I will remove the painting from the board, scan the work at high resolution –  300dpi at actual size –  which will allow me to make giclée prints up to actual size.

Look for the final scanned image on my project work! CLICK HERE!

I hope this series of Step-by-Step illustrations have been helpful! Please leave me your comments below!